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I don't want to design only one thing, I want to design everything.
Kenny K. Mercado


Make you and your business be known

Whether you’re looking for just a logo or a print-ready business card, KKM got you covered. With a variety of offers you can combine to get exactly what you need.


First step to turning your craziest ideas into reality

Need a custom tool to help you out around the house? Or maybe you dreamt of something that’s not out yet? KKM is here to help make it come true.

and More

Print-ready banners, posters, etc.

Media and More offer print-ready files so you can print anytime and anywhere. From banners to posters, or even invitations to thank you cards. KKM does it all.

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Deeper Dive

Become Recognizable

Brand Identity

Visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo. To start off reach out and send in a quick description of your brand and what you do. Also, include any specific requests you have in mind to make for your final product. For more information like prices and disclaimers click here

Products From Imagination

Industrial Design

Work together to help design the product of your imagination. The long process of going back and forth to make sure your product is as perfect as you imagined it. Whether you want a fancy fork for decoration or even a power tool that’s light enough for your mom to use, we can work together to get it right. For more info click here.

From Cards to Poster

Media and More.

A bunch of custom print-ready files at your fingertips, that include: Posters, banners, signs, flyers, and every type of card. To sum it up, almost anything that can be printed. Fully customized to your liking exactly how you like it. Just send over pictures and what you would like it to say. For more info click here.


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About Me

Who is KKM?

KKM is a abbreviation for Kenny K. Mercado, who is a passionate designer who wants this to be his main job. With your help I can achieve this goal!

From start to finish non-stop communication to get you exactly what you want.

My name is Kenny K. Mercado, and I represent not only the people of Hawai’i but also the people of Polynesia. Growing up in Hawai’i is never easy for locals as wages and prices have a wide margin between the two. Even though it’s hard to live in paradise we always make the most out of it. Inspiration doesn’t only come from where I live but also from where I’m from. Hawaiian history runs deep and with that, there’s a lot of inspiration that comes with it.

Resourcefulness and creativity are something I was born with, even at a young age I always did things differently. Designing a cool logo is alright but designing a cool logo with a story, now that’s what I love to do. To read more about me click here, and as always thank you for the support.

For the Lāhui!