Your Vision

Brand Identity

Starting at $99


The Basic three you will receive is color, design, and logo. To start off you will send me a quick description of what you do and any specific details you want to add.  Every purchase will get the “Basics” and its your choice to get any add-ons.


Optional additions to boost your company/business. These includes print-ready business cards, social media covers, typography, clear brand purpose and positioning, and market research. Over time there will be more add-ons. Keep in mind you don’t need to add all of them. If you anything you want that is not listed, ask for it and you shall receive.


No characters unless a copyright-free image that is traceable, I will let you know if I can do it or not but for the most part, I can do most. I might not be able to do everything but if you have anything new let me know and i will let you know if i can do it or not.

Your Products

Industrial Design

Price will be discussed after reaching out.


Send me a detailed description of your product like what it does and what it’s used for. Don’t forget to add any specific details you would like to add to it. Keep in mind it might some time especially if there is any electrics involved in it.


Cars, trucks, carts, and bikes. For the most part, I can modify and remodel them. For the other part I can make from scratch but that will take some time and a lot of back and forward communication. In the end reach out. and we can figure this out together.


I am not the industrial engineer. You will have to find one or we can work together to find one for you that will build our design. Doing these will take some time and a lot of communication. Also if you are looking to mass produce your product and your not the engineer, you will have to look for someone to invest in it.

All Things Custom

Media and More

Starting at $49


Media consists of any printable media like banners, posters, invitations, etc. Just ask for what you would like and I can make it fully customized to your liking. You send me the pictures, what you would like it say if there is any, the size of media, and what its for. If you don’t have a size in mind I can chose one for you. Everything will be print-ready files

Other Designs

There is a bunch of other designs out like environmental, interior, exterior, and everything in between. You might have some new design ideas so just throw it out there and I can figure it out just for you. As of right now, I will have to do designs over my computer but if you send me what you would like and a picture of what I’m designing, and can send you the best input you need to get you what you want.


For bigger media prints it’s best to use high-quality pictures taken by a photographer, but if not I can do the best I can. It’s best to look for where you want to print first so you can see their sizes because a lot of places don’t run the same size. I can do most other designs but there are still some I can’t do. It’s best to ask to see if I can do it because what I will do is do research on it and if I can do it I will let you know, if I cant do it I apologize.